Cycle 9th – 11th year

The Cycle

Our Cycle is made for students that want to finish their school education between the 9th and the 11th year (Harmos).

The project for each student can be easily personally adjusted thanks to our assessment methods. We are assisting students as well in the development of their individual potential alongside with the formal school education. Thanks to the coaching activities offered by the school, you can follow the pace of the student and adapt new support in the weakest fields, or, on the contrary, to satisfy the students’curiosity through more complex classes in their favorite subjects.

In accordance with their level, students can already be ready for the maturity at the end of the 10th year or at the 11th year of school education in order to get their diploma of the completion of compulsory school education. The maturity option is always available at the end of the 11th year, however, in case of doubt, an additional possibility of the 12th year « pre-learning » is offered.

The branches taught are as follows: French, Mathematics, German, English, sciences, history, geography, sport, religion, art and economy.

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