Our Method

One Student, One Project

We get to know each students’ specific needs already during the first interview and we define the primary aims of their future education. Then, we evaluate the knowledge acquired through a number of scientific checks in the theoretical way and though e-learning systemic dimension. Therefore, we set up a teaching strategy that will guide the students during their educational path.

We have developed our own school project management software, Elia Academy. It has been created on the basis of obtained analyses. As it has many elaborate and intelligent functions, it will assist the responsible teachers in their follow-up tasks. Elia Academy is also a communication channel between the School and parents. They can consult the results on-line, read the reports, follow the progress of their children in each field (class, support, coaching). With this device, the interaction between all the actors taking part in the school performance is enhanced, which reflects in the best way our philosophy.

Obviously, the personal coach assists the student throughout the whole school year. If needed, it individually defines teaching activities and fixes targets that are to be obtained to enable the student learning autonomously and effectively. The courses are divided into smaller aims groups that are managed by qualified and trained teachers.

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