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Who is This Greek Goddess?

The goddess of the divine vengeance? Is it possible? Why such a name for a school? There are constant flows of pictures influencing our lives. The TV, Internet and other media convey short messages in such a fast pace that we are not able anymore to control the source of each message. We should stop and try to see what is not visible at a first glance? Do we still have the reflex not to take as granted everything that comes within our eyesight? Should we finally start interrogating ourselves, doubt and discover the authenticity of what is hidden behind these pictures?

These images are often mere pale reflexes of what we perceive and of how we assess individuals. We should therefore realize the risk of making huge mistakes in our way of examining the situations. For instance, Nemesis, the Greek goddess, according to Homer is the personalization of honesty and moral and righteous way of acting. Then, throughout times, the meaning of Nemesis has been transformed and has become the synonym of divine vengeance. Yesterday salutary, today vindictive, the goddess has received two faces of which Oxford dictionary has only kept the most pessimist one. The choice has been finally adapted to the evolution and to the trends, which has been tainted by the dangerous subjectivity because there is nothing left of the originality of beings.

Beyond the Obvious

The real scientific improvement that goes to the etymology of the word is to understand the change which has been made throughout the ages. This illustrates that every person deserves that we should first, focus on their emergence, on what makes the person original, on their strength, on their identity or – to put it shortly – on their uniqueness. This is how Nemesis explains perfectly the philosophy and the scientific approach based on the listening of the true and unique needs. Something which goes beyond the appearances.

The most crucial issue is to offer constant listening to the student and a comprehensive diagnostic, which includes elaboration of various points of view according to the specific needs of an individual. We should be strict in the analysis of these needs! We should offer adapted and innovative solutions to students. We should focus on our main concerns in order to lead them through a successful and autonomous path according to one main principle: one student, one project!

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