The Swiss Maturity

An Excellent International Reputation

The Swiss maturity requires a cross-disciplinary approach in various domains as it prays the development of the crucial general knowledge, which enables to develop an excellent assimilation capacity.

This exam requires a personal involvement in each subject. Moreover, the personal maturity research strengthens the pre-university methodological preparation.

This diploma is recognized by all the Swiss universities and higher education establishments. In Europe, you can apply for its recognition. In general, it has an excellent international reputation.

Develop the Competences

Students choose a specific option that is an addition to their basic education and aims to develop the competences in the particular field. It constitutes a form of specialization in itself. Nemesis School offers the following subjects: Biochemistry, Economy, Art, Spanish, and Italian.

In order to act in accordance with the motto “One Student, One Project”, we have developed a network of competences. We help our students through the process of e-learning thanks to the performance coaching pillar, which revolves around three additional axes: classes, support and coaching.

Intervention Modes

In class, we follow the programmes elaborated in the frameworks of the Swiss confederation. The supports starts at 3.30 pm. Their function is to ensure necessary and main repetitions on the chapters covered which are problematic for the student. Coaching is created above all to work on the cognitive skills and studying methods. The three intervention modes are linked through the digital follow-up process which creates an efficient synergy between the various actors. Our method offers an increased performance index and an excellent successful rate.

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