Our Charter

Nemesis School seeks first of all to offer you:

  • Optimized education based on the specific student needs detailed analysis

  • Personalized teaching assistance focused on the theoretical content as well as on the methodological techniques

  • Development of potential through activation of students’ cross-cutting competences

  • Best education allowing to understand constantly changing economic issues

  • Students’ results constantly communicated

  • Teacher, coach and master of support, which evaluate, make and communicate necessary corrections throughout the learning process allowing to create an excellent cooperation between the student and all the actors of the project

  • Research tool focused on the development of new teaching tools linked to the evolution of IT

  • Difficult client focus

Our quality commitment

The respect of these principles reflects the will of Nemesis School to ensure an optimized quality service, which is also visible in the continuation of the concept of the original meaning in the name Nemesis: honesty and the will to act in a moral and righteous way.

All the members of the Nemesis School are engaged by their inscription in the promotion of the philosophy from the charter, which can be expressed in these terms:

  • Listening

  • Following

  • Advice

  • Performance

Contact us

School Nemesis Monthey


  • Avenue du Crochetan 3,
  • Monthey, Valais,
  • 1870, Suisse.